Guide To Alpine Ski Equipment


Get going
First-time skiers should always take a lesson from a qualified ski instructor.Don't trust a friend to teach you to ski, and don't jeopardize your relationship by allowing your significant other to serve as instructor. 

 Call ahead to the local area or destination resort to find out about beginner lessons and any special deals that might be available.

  • Make the ski school your first stop.
  • Take a group or private lesson. Ask about classes or groups organized by age or gender.
  • If you have shaped skis, ask if the area offers any lessons for that type of gear.
  • Once you have mastered the basics, consider taking lessons from time to time to help you improve your skills and handle different types of terrain.

Family Matters: Skiing is one of the few sports that families can enjoy together, and many areas and shops offer special family discounts. Keep a few things in mind when you're getting equipment for junior skiers:

  • Avoid buying equipment that is too big. Don't use the rationale that the child will "grow into it." Kids are happier and more confident when they are skiing with the right skis and proper-fitting boots.
  • Ask your ski shop about leasing programs for young skiers.

For further information see our page on "Rocker Technology".




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