Skiing and Snowboarding Can Involved the Entire Family - Parents, Grandparents and Kids


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November 2016 - According to snow sports industry research, the motivation to learn how to ski or snowboard often is predicated on a desire to spend time with friends or family members. The National Ski Areas Association’s Beginners Conversion Study shows that 55 percent of beginner skiers and 45 percent of beginner snowboarders say they wanted to learn the sports for that purpose. The Boulder-based RRC Associations is conducting the on-going study.

In addition, according the study, the self-motivation factor is high. Forty-two percent of beginner skiers said they always wanted to learn to sport and 60 percent of beginner snowboarders indicated they always wanted to learn.  

While those statistics apply primarily to adults, children’s learning programs are available for parents and grandparents who want their family members to learn as well. Industry blogger Kristen Lummis, also known as Brave Ski Mom, notes that “kids can start lessons as young as three or four, depending on the programs and the resort.”

Regardless of age, Lummis advocates taking lessons from trained instructors and has prepared a Glossary of Terms to help beginners learn the terminology of skiing and snowboarding.

Kevin Jordan specializes in children’s instruction at Aspen-Snowmass. He advises parents to find out how long lessons are and how many students are in a class at any given time. Jordan, is a member of the Professional Ski Instructors of America and also an industry Ambassador for the industry’s Learn to Ski and Snowboard/Bring a Friend initiative.

Several states have affordable children’s learning deals called “Passport Programs” that make it easier for younger members of a family to get involved.




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