Prinoth and Dopplemayr New Partners for Learn to Ski and Snowboard Initiative; Snow Operating Returns

Contact: Mary Jo Tarallo | 202-431-6950 |

Sept. 2017 - Resort supplier companies Italy-based Prinoth and the Austrian-Swiss company Dopplemayr have stepped up to the plate to support the snow sports industry’s Learn to Ski and Snowboard (Month)/Bring a Friend Initiative for the 2017-18 season. Snow Operating, headquartered in Colorado, returns for the third year in a row. The three companies are industry leaders in their respective categories of snow grooming, lift transportation, and terrain-based learning.

“It is our pleasure to support the industry in this way,” said Charles Blier, vice president of Sales for Prinoth "My operations background, combined with my role at Prinoth, especially where "learn to programs" are key to growing the sport, allows me to understand the importance of having key suppliers involved with resorts and industry players to achieve the goal of introducing new participants to skiing and snowboarding".

Clearly explaining to newcomers how resorts work to provide a quality first-time experience is a major objective of the LSS(M)/BAF initiative. Another is letting newcomers know what they can expect on their first visit to a resort. This includes the quality of the snow, the efficiency of uphill transportation and creative learning programs.

Initiative organizers believe that providing accurate information, especially regarding some of the more technical aspects of a resort operation, is important. “We need to make it clear for newcomers and then communicate it,” said Mary Jo Tarallo, LSS(M)/BAF director. “Having the knowledge base and the funds to communicate is an important combination and we are fortunate to have such well-established brands in our partner pool”, she added.

Prinoth makes snow groomers and tracked utility vehicles. Dopplemayr manufactures chairlifts, cable cars, gondolas and surface lifts for the ski industry and elsewhere. Snow Operating specializes in terrain-based learning, an innovative way to teach beginners. The three companies are among nearly 80 partner businesses and organizations supporting LSS(M)/BAF not including hundreds of supporting retailers and individual resorts.

“Our mission at SNOW Operating is to help grow the industry by creating more skiers and snowboarders.  Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month is at the grassroots forefront of that work.  We couldn’t be more proud to support the important work they do and look forward to a great winter ahead”  Hugh Reynolds, CMO SNOW Operating

The initiative celebrates its 10th anniversary this winter. Since 2009, 0artner resorts have introduced more than 870,000 children and adults to skiing and snowboarding during January – Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. #learntoski #learntosnowboard