Cindy Rust - 2015 Ambassador of the Year and 2016 Snowboard Ambassador of the Year



Cindy Rust (orange jacket) is the 2015 Ambassador of the Year and the 2016 Snowboard Ambassador of the Year for the Bring a Friend Challenge. See the latest Release:

Cindy is a science teacher at the Post Falls (ID) High School. She has been snowboarding for “about 8 years”. She saw the link to the Bring a Friend Challenge on the Ski web site. This year, she introduced 27 students to beginner ski or snowboard lessons at Mt Spokane in Washington and mostly at Schweitzer Mt in Idaho. The photo here shows a group from the Post Falls (ID) High School Ski/Snowboard Club.

"I've been doing this club for several years and it is truly amazing to watch the kids learn, improve, and become "lifers" addicted to the sport”.

“Snowboarding is my favorite way to keep physically healthy and have a mental vacation with a view during the winter,” she says. “I wanted to share the same benefits with others.”

According to Cindy, tenacity with a smile will make you a good rider.

Cindy remembers an instructor at Schweitzer once saying that that a person should ski or ride for themselves and no one else.

“This takes away a lot of pressure of being somebody your not and makes the day so much more fun”, she noted. 

This year, Cindy won a full hard goods and soft goods ensemble from Burton Snowboards. 


orange jacket



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